Pokemon GO - Poke Stop Farming Locations

This is a collection of walking, jogging and/or running routes at various parks. These are poke stop farming locations where you can refill your items quickly. The goal is to get around the loop in about the same time as the poke stops reset. While you will usually be a bit off of the reset time unless you move at the perfect speed it should be pretty close if you follow the routes at the recommended speeds. If the stops are lured then you might also slow down if you stop a lot to catch Pokemon, but there are enough stops in most locations that you'll still fill your bag faster than you exhaust it.

Leave comments if you have favorite locations in Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue or Seattle that you'd like to have someone build routes for. I may also add information on rare spawns seen at each location.

Downtown Park, Bellevue, WA

A premier Pokemon hunting location in the Greater Seattle Area is Downtown Park in Bellevue just south of the Bellevue Square Mall at 10201 NE Fourth St, Bellevue, WA 98004.

Rares: Squirtle (frequent), Dragonite (daily?), Magikarp (frequent), Onyx (frequent), Slowpoke (infrequent), Machoke (once), Omanyte (once)

Bellevue Park will spawn a ton of useful stuff for you to upgrade some of the less frequently occurring Pokemon. I've listed a set of rares that I've frequently found in the area, but there are others reported online. I'm pretty sure every Pokemon will spawn in this park at some point, since we don't fully understand what causes some of the rare spawns, but many think its associated with the number of trainers in the area.

Part of the park is under construction, so you'll see this marked on the walkers map. The loop is pretty larger and there is a section of the loop that is under shade. To complete the loop without backtracking, you'll have to cross the center of the park which will expose you to sun. The loop takes long enough walking or jogging that everything will refresh.

Other notable features of the area are the Mod Pizza if you need a quick bite. Bellevue Square Mall has an exit that drops you into the park. This gives you complete access to all of the shops and eateries there.

I'll post some improvements to the map over time. I need to stitch together two screenshots as the area is quite large, but the current map is a single shot and it cuts off some Poke stops. Most of the loop is lured at all times.

Grass Lawn Park, Redmond, WA

A great location with a bit of shade, well lit in the evening and plenty of people is Grass Lawn Park at 7031 148th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052.
Rares: Seel (infrequently) and Exeggcute (often)

The following map shows the suggested routes for Grass Lawn Park. You should be able to click the image if you need to see it full sized. The image is stitched from 2 screenshots which is why the perspective is slightly wonky. The Walker and Jogger loop are well tested. I'm not fast enough right now to do the Runner loop.

Marina Park, Kirkland WA (Waterfront)

Our second mapping location is 5 Lakeshore Plaza Dr, Kirkland, WA 98033.
Rares: Dragonite (daily?), Eevee (often), Geodude (often)

The following shows both ball farming routes in solid colored lines and one lure farming path based on where common lures are set during the day. Here are some notes for each of the loops.

First the walking loop can optionally grab the lure over the street corner if you are willing to double back. This is noted on a dotted line. I recommend just walking the solid route though unless you are jogging a bit since you are likely to have stops reset on you before you get to them otherwise.

Second the jogging loop is based on crossing the street at the no light cross-walk for pedestrians. This can be dangerous if you are crossing too many times per day so I don't recommend the jogging loop unless those 4 stops are lured and the Marina Park is not OR you are hard core bag farming. Still, 14 stops on a multi-block route will not be easy.

Finally the lure loop is a backtracking loop that you can run to get most of the spawns from multiple lure modules. Depending on your speed you may only complete a portion of this circuit before the next spawns hit.

Peter Kirk Park, Kirkland WA

If you get tired of the water front then walk up the street a bit and walk around the baseball field. Also useful if you are waiting for someone at the pool or ball parks during a game.

Rares: Growlithe (often)

This park gets a lot of sun so it isn't great during the day but it is well lit at night. It is right on the bus depot so you can also check it out while you are waiting for your next bus. It is on a hill and so you will be going up and down hill as you traverse the course. Both the walkers course and the joggers course are well tested. On the joggers course you can take the dotted path and pick up two more stops but this is almost a runners path (I'm not labeling it since I haven't tested it and it seems a bit inconvenient as a route. You will have more than enough reset time doing just the walkers loop as this map is more spread out than it seems.

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