Browser Bloggers and Tweeters

This is my compendium of blog links and Twitter accounts for people I know that work on various Browser platforms. If you would like to get yourself added to the list send me a Twitter DM @JustrogDigiTec with the information you want included (link to blog, I'll get your twitter account, or if you have any other accounts you want to share).

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

Current Team Members

Justin Rogers
Twitter: @JustrogDigiTec
My personal blog where I talk about gamification, process improvement for organizations, lots of technical stuff on EdgeHTML and the Web in general.
Travis Leithead
Twitter: @TravisLeithead

Jacob Rossi
Twitter: @JacobRossi

Andy Sterland (Chakra)
Twitter: @AndySterland

Jonathan Sampson
Twitter @SampsonMSFT

John-David Dalton
Twitter: @JDalton

Kevin Hill
Twitter: @KevinJHill

Past Team Members

Eric Lawrence
Twitter: @EricLaw
IE Internals Blog (Old):


Jake Archibald
Twitter: @JaffaTheCake

Domenic Denicola
Twitter: @domenic

Paul Irish
Twitter: @Paul_Irish

Ilya Grigorik
Twitter @IGrigorik


Boris Zbarsky
Twitter: @bz_moz

Brendan Eich
Twitter: @BrendanEich


Sara Soueidan
Twitter: @SaraSoueidan

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